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The Advantages of Compounded Topical Medicine

Compounding is a process for adding or mixing drugs that are often unavailable on the market. Since dermatology is a specialty that covers many topical treatments, compounding topicals is a means of providing patients with unique and individualized therapeutic options.

What is a Compounded Topical Medicine?

Compounding topical medications is a great alternative for dermatologists to prescribe customized topical restorative options established on each patient’s needs. If you have joint, muscle, or other discomforts, a compounding pharmacy can make medicated gels and creams that you apply instantly to the spots on your body where it hurts.

Forms of Compounded Topical Medicine

Compounding pharmacists merge specific pain-relieving medications to produce satisfactory topical and transdermal medicines. For example, they can formulate a treatment by mixing menthol with capsaicin and methyl salicylate. Specialists also fuse lidocaine and tetracaine in a formulation that reduces symptoms more effectively than one of the drugs on its own.

Another option is to create is to formulate transdermal compounded gels, creams, and patches with drugs that lessen other symptoms excluding acute or regular pain. For example, anticonvulsants, tricyclic antidepressants, and local anesthetics can be blended with NSAIDs in a transdermal formulation to supply tailored reassurance for a degree of pain manifestations.

Advantages of Compounded Topical Medicine

1. Lowers the Use of Oral Opiates

Some patients are unable to acquire enough pain medications to soothe their symptoms and many physicians are hesitant to treat their patients’ pain with pills or oral painkillers including hydrocodone, Vicodin, and Percocet due to the potential for substance abuse by patients.

A recourse to oral painkillers is topical medications for pain, which are not orally taken but rather stroked on the sore areas of the body. Compounding pharmacies like Myerlee Pharmacy can prepare tailored fit formulations for patients.

2. Safer than Oral Medicine

Topical painkillers have been proven to reduce pain symptoms since compounded topical pain relievers are put directly on the spot of a wound or any sort of painful condition. That is why there is a lower risk for the patient’s system to be concentrated with a drug.

3. Treats an Expansive Array of Pain Issues

Compounded topical drugs can alleviate or clear the symptoms of both minor and chronic pain. Some of the diseases that can be ministered with topical pain relievers are the following:

4. Compounded Pain Gels and Creams Are Effective

The outcomes of 61 random, double-blind studies involving more than 8,000 sports injury patients were lately assessed to specify the significance of topical NSAID pain relievers. And, it has revealed that five different topical analgesics demonstrated increased rates of pain relief that the placebos. These comprised diclofenac, ibuprofen, indomethacin, piroxicam, and ketoprofen.

Why Choose Myerlee Pharmacy?

If you have serious discomfort or pain problems from sports-related or other problems, talk with your specialist doctor at Myerlee Pharmacy about choices for compounded topical and transdermal pain creams and gels. We formulate and compound safe, effective topical and transdermal pain medications for patients in Fort Myers.

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