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Things You Should Do Before and After Your IV Nutritional Therapy

Taking in the required nutrients in a day can sometimes be unattainable because of all the tasks that must be completed in a day. Most of the time, supplementation is needed to sustain the body with well-balanced nutrition.

If you’re a busy person, IV therapy can be a key, since it lets the body have the essential nutrients it needs through an injection. This procedure has the tiniest possibility for side effects, that’s why it’s important to choose the professionals that strictly follow the fundamental after-care rules and practices.

Why consider having IV Nutritional Therapy?

The IV Nutritional Therapy procedure can be suitable for people who regularly experience fatigue or insomnia. It is encouraged to try IV therapy since it helps lessen the burden of discomfort you are currently experiencing.

Apart from that, this treatment can also treat conditions and illnesses such as common cold (can opt for a vitamin C injection), weight gain, acne, general malaise, and other ailments.

Benefits of IV Therapy

Your body will likely absorb the nutrients through an injection compared to consuming the actual food. It happens when the digestive system has existing issues and doesn’t work well – making it hard to utilize as many nutrients from the food and supplements.

With IV Nutritional Therapy, the body makes use of more nutrients at a time. The procedure via injection is loaded with higher doses of nutrients, making it more manageable to nurture the body than a standard consumption.

Things You Should Before IV Therapy

IV Nutritional Therapy is evolving as one of the considerable general and practical methods to supply the body with the needed nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

There are a few measures you can do before your first IV appointment to guarantee you utilize the usage of your IV injection. Here are 6 easy tips to get ready for your first appointment:


The minerals and vitamins imbued through IV are devitalizing at the cellular level and your body reacts well if you are hydrated before initiating having an IV treatment.


Have a meal before your IV Therapy schedule to ensure there is protein intake from the meal or snack. The vitamins and minerals present in the IV might provoke nausea if suffused on an empty stomach.

Relax and Breathe

Take some deep breaths and allow yourself to relax. This will enable your body to free the nervous system from any tension and equip you for your treatment.

Get moving

Allow your circulatory system to function well before the IV Nutritional Therapy for comfort and better blood flow. Taking a walk or a few minutes of jog will surely benefit a lot. 

Bring along a book or music

Certain IV treatments may take over 2 hours to infuse. You can bring your favorite book or prepare a list of music to listen to during the wait.

Wear comfortable clothes

A short sleeve top or sleeves that can be rolled up above the elbow is recommended during the therapy session  You can also wear a comfortable pair of pants and socks if you easily get cold. 

Things You Should Do After Your IV Nutritional Therapy

When you receive an IV injection, it might feel cold getting the liquid beneath the skin. Possible side effects include minor pain at the injection site. Positive results will be apparent right away for some ailments such as light sickness, jet lag, or a hangover. But in other cases, it might take multiple sessions to feel a change. After each session, keep the following aftercare instructions in mind:

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