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Have Your Eyes Been Incredibly Watery, Itchy and Red lately?

The most important sense is sight. It would be very difficult to undertake the daily routine without the sense of sight, thus, it is difficult to live without this sense. As a matter of fact, the sense of sight is the most reliable among the other senses.

To see is to learn and learning is tough without it. That being said, the sense of sight plays a significant role to pursue one’s dreams and obtain a particular goal. With perfect sight, you could surely focus and achieve the utmost success in life.

That is why you have to take good care of your eyes. You may observe a balanced nourishment as part of your regular and healthy diet with the consumption of nutritious food with vitamins A and C. This diet is more advisable to be undertaken together with a proper and daily exercise and sleep.

However, due to the pollution and unhealthy lifestyle, your eyes get tired, itchy and red. Subsequently, when you suffer from eye problems, you immediately decide to see a doctor to be relieved, right?

Pink Eye treatments, types, and prevention

Pink eye that is also known as conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva refers to the thin clear tissue found over the white part of the eye and lines the inside of the eyelid.

Conjunctivitis is highly is contagious but it is rarely a serious condition. It is usually treated with antibiotic eye drops or ointments.

There are two (2) types of conjunctivitis as follow:

  • Bacterial conjunctivitis – this usually improves after three to four days of treatment, but patients need to take the entire course of antibiotics to prevent a recurrence.
  • Viral conjunctivitis – no drops or ointments can treat viral conjunctivitis

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