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What is Hormone Therapy?

Hormone Therapy is a remedy that incorporates female hormones that aim to substitute the estrogen that becomes insufficient for women during the menopausal stage. This is usually done to help ease menopausal manifestations and discomforts.

On top of that, it also helps prevent bone deterioration and diminish fracture in women during the post-menopausal stage. Hormone Therapy is customized for each individual and frequently reexamined to assure that the advantages cogitate more than their risks.

Myerlee Pharmacy has been serving clients for decades with cost-effective pricing and quality services most especially for Hormone Therapy. As the leading firm in the field of medication, we are devoted to taking care of our client’s necessities 24/7.

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Benefits of Hormone Therapy

To decide whether hormone therapy is a promising alternative for you, talk to our specialists at Myerlee Pharmacy concerning your symptoms and health issues. However, here’s the list of the proven benefits of Hormone Therapy that is evident to most of our clients:

Who Can Undergo Hormone Therapy?

The advantages of hormone therapy may surpass the risks when you are considered healthy. Here are other categories of those who can benefit from Hormone Therapy:

Why Choose Myerlee Pharmacy?

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