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How to Diminish Signs of Aging using Skincare Products

Skin aging is an irreversible process. However, there is still hope when it comes to reducing signs of aging. Here are some tips on how to delay the onset of premature aging.

Start the routine by washing with a gentle cleanser. It is important to cleanse the skin to remove any applied make or skincare product. Also, bacteria, pollutants, and natural skin oils clog the pore of the skin.

The use of a gentle cleanser keeps the skin resistant to damage and dehydration as well as preserve it. It is best to use cleansers with a low pH to preserve the balance of the skin instead of cleansers with high pH such as natural soaps that harm the skin and leaves it prone to infection and irritation. Cleansers that contain sodium lauryl sulfate must be avoided because of its harshness. Cleansers can also be purchased from dermatology pharmacy Fort Myers.

Check whether a toner is needed. 

Toners restore the skin’s low pH after washing with a high-pH cleanser. A toner is not required in a beauty regime if one is using a low pH cleanser.

Use exfoliants.

The skin slows down in replacing itself as one ages. Thus, this implies that the skin can seem to crack or look dull and uneven. Dead cells from the skin can be removed through exfoliants. There are physical and chemical exfoliants. There are also harsh physical exfoliants that must be avoided like the plague as they increase the probability of the skin to sag. These exfoliants are the cleansers with beads and sugar scrubs. It is better to use a soft sponge or a washcloth which is also available at a dermatology compounding pharmacy in Fort Myers.

Chemical exfoliants remove dead skin cells.

One of the best exfoliants contains alpha-hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid and lactic acid.

Use anti-aging serums

Anti-aging serums increase the collagen in the skin as well as serve as antioxidants that counteract the stress that results in skin aging. Serums that contain vitamin A derivatives as retinoids and vitamin C are the best ones to look for in compounding pharmacy in Fort Myers.

Use a moisturizer.

Aging results in less sebum. However, this allows the skin to get dry easily that results in fine lines. Find a moisturizer that contains active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycerine. A combo of petrolatum (Vaseline) plus mineral oil also serves in preventing water evaporation from the skin.

Use sunscreen.

The skin will be kept younger looking if it is protected from the sun. Exposure to the sun can result in photoaging as the UV rays of the sun results in collagen breaking down. Sunscreen is meant for daily use and not just for the beach.

Always apply sunscreen.

To ensure that the skin looks as young as possible, it must be protected from the harsh rays of the sun. With too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays, the skin results in photoaging or the visible signs of aging caused by sun exposure.

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