IV Therapy

IV Therapy

Dr. Mitch, our collegue at Myerlee Pharmacy has created vitamin therapy that is amazing.

The combinations Dr. Mitch has formulated in his Dr. Mitch Formula Supplements are specially produced by a General Manufacturing Good Practices (GMGP) company. The ratio and amounts of the supplements are perfectly balanced. Dr. Mitch has taken great lengths to be abreast with all the latest medical and nutritional research to ensure the combinations work synergistically and are safe. No other formulations mimic these extraordinary supplements properly.

Many other supplements may use inferior products and are sometimes laced with arsenic and other toxic metals. Taking the same supplements individually or in different combinations may contain:

Following are some of our supplements you can order from our store directly by calling 561-600-5868. Please leave a message if nobody answers and somebody will call you back within 48 hours.

Above and beyond this amazing product offering, Myerlee has always provided the Life Extend Vitamin line. A long time tried and true favorite.

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