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Myths and Facts about COVID-19 Vaccines in Fort Myers, FL

COVID-19 Vaccine Facts and Myths

The facts of today may not be the truths of tomorrow as information surrounding this pandemic changes every day. Accurate COVID-19 vaccine information is critical and can help prevent common myths from spreading. When deciding whether or not to get the vaccine, follow the advice given by your healthcare provider, your national and local public health authority.

1. Vaccines

MYTH: Researchers rushed the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, so its effectiveness and safety cannot be trusted.

FACT: Studies found that the two initial vaccines are about 95% effective with no serious or life-threatening side effects reported.

The COVID-19 vaccine could be developed quickly for several reasons:

MYTH: COVID-19 vaccines are not safe.

FACT: The COVID-19 vaccines currently in use have all been through a rigorous testing and approval procedures to ensure they are safe and effective.

MYTH: If I’ve already had COVID-19, I don’t need a vaccine.

FACT: People who have gotten sick with COVID-19 may still benefit from getting vaccinated. Due to the severe health risks associated with COVID-19 and the fact that re-infection with COVID-19 is possible, people may be advised to get a COVID-19 vaccine even if they have already been sick with COVID-19.

2. Symptoms and Severity

MYTH: Most people who contract COVID-19 get very sick or die.

FACT: Most people who get COVID-19 suffer a mild form of the illness and will be able to recover at home, without hospital treatment. Stay home and call your local health authority for advice if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 including difficulty breathing, persistent chest pain or loss of speech or mobility.

MYTH: You can always tell if someone has COVID-19.

FACT: The virus that causes COVID-19 can be in the body for up to 14 days before symptoms appear. Some people will have such mild cases of COVID-19 that they might not have any symptoms.

You can still pass COVID-19 on without symptoms. It is important that everyone follows the prevention advice such as social distancing, wearing a face mask, and regularly washing hands even if they feel healthy.

3. Risks

MYTH: COVID-19 only affects the elderly.

FACT: While COVID-19 can be more dangerous in older people, anyone can contract it including young people, some of whom become seriously ill. While we don’t yet fully understand why some people suffer more serious symptoms, we do know that young people with certain underlying health conditions including obesity, diabetes, cancer or high blood pressure are more likely to develop serious symptoms.

MYTH: The COVID-19 vaccine can affect women’s fertility.

FACT: The COVID-19 vaccine will not affect fertility. The truth is that the COVID-19 vaccine encourages the body to create copies of the spike protein found on the coronavirus’s surface. This “teaches” the body’s immune system to fight the virus that has the specific spike protein on it.

4. Prevention, Treatment, and Cures

MYTH: Drugs used in antiretroviral treatment for HIV are effective against COVID-19.

FACT: There is currently no evidence that antiretroviral drugs used in HIV treatments can treat or prevent COVID-19. If you’re living with HIV, continue taking antiretroviral treatment to protect your immune system. Follow the general prevention advice for COVID-19, as there’s no evidence that antiretroviral treatment for HIV provides any immunity to COVID-19.

MYTH: Anti-malaria drugs are effective against COVID-19.

FACT: There’s currently no evidence that antimalarial drugs treat or prevent COVID. The main clinical trial searching for an effective COVID-19 treatment with the anti-malarial drug, hydroxychloroquinefor concluded after it found no evidence linking the drug to faster recoveries or ventilation and death prevention.

MYTH: Hot beverages stop COVID-19.

FACT: There is no drink, hot or cold, that will protects against or cures coronavirus. Most people who get COVID-19 recover by themselves. Taking paracetamol, drinking increased liquids and resting helps manage symptoms.

MYTH: Strong disinfectants protect against COVID-19.

FACT: Strong disinfectants should not be used to clean the body. Thoroughly washing hands with soap and water or using an alcohol-based sanitizer will stop the virus from being passed on. Using stronger chemicals on the skin can be dangerous. Never drink disinfectant or hand sanitizer as this can cause serious damage.

MYTH: Drinking alcohol cures or prevents COVID-19.

FACT: Drinking alcohol doesn’t cure or prevent COVID-19. In fact, drinking alcohol can weaken the immune system. It’s recommended that adults limit alcohol intake to stay healthy. Drinking high-strength ethanol found in some cleaning products will not protect you from COVID-19 and instead could cause disability or death

COVID-19 Vaccines in Fort Myers, FL

COVID-19 vaccines are now available at Myerlee Pharmacy Clinic.

COVID-19 vaccines are now available at Myerlee Pharmacy in Fort Myers, Florida. Those under 18 require a guardian’s consent. Walk-up vaccinations will also be administered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Available dates and times vary by location.

Available COVID Vaccines

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