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Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition counseling is an essential element of an all-around health pursuit. It’s a lot important to understand that nutrition is a separate thing from merely following a certain type of “diet”. It is more of a therapeutic process to enable the clients to shift to a wholesome way of life.

At Myerlee Pharmacy of Fort Myers, FL, individuals of all ages can make the most of nutritional counseling. We require an assessment of different health conditions, the kinds of food the person eats, and physical activities engaged in. Our nutrition specialist is an expert in integrative and functional medicine that allows patients to establish and attain attainable health goals. If you’re thinking of losing weight or yearning to reverse your diabetes, our consultants can support you to get there to maintain your health and vitality.

Myerlee Pharmacy of Fort Myers, FL now offers customized holistic nutrition therapy for you which includes IV and Vitamin Therapy and Nutrition Counseling.

Is Nutritional Counseling Right for You?

Practically everyone can do well out of eating nourishing food. However, we all know that it is a lot challenging to enhance our food choices. Because of that, working with our diet expert Dr. Mitch of Myerlee Pharmacy of Fort Myers, FL can relieve your hurdle. Our nutritional counseling can greatly help with your weight loss and satisfy those who are suffering from pre-existing illnesses. Here’s a rundown of conditions that can be administered by nutritional counseling:

What to Expect

An overwhelming amount of nutrition and wellness information online can be conflicting and it makes it extremely complex to decide how to begin towards the path of health. Our licensed and commendable nutrition specialist Dr. Mitch will equip you with an in-depth nutrition proposal to boost optimistic modifications in your overall health and well-being.

When having an appointment with Dr. Mitch, you must provide her with precise details regarding your present diet and disorders if there are any. With his, Dr. Mitch will be able to prepare a fit and sufficient plan considering your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Dr. Mitch also guides you with a routine exercise plan that is vital in any nutritional counseling session. Just like your food choices, your type and quantity of workouts will be customized to conform to your necessities.

A nourishing diet sufficient in vitamins and minerals is the most ideal approach to sustain the body. However, there are instances when the body malfunctions and has trouble with nutrient absorption through its natural functions.

Experiencing chronic stress, serious illnesses, or food intolerance are the culprits that interfere with the absorption of necessary substances like calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, folic acid, glutathione, or biotin.

IV therapy is the succinct strategy for the delivery of fluids and medication which is dispensed through the veins. This allows the treatment to progress fast through the bloodstream. Implanting those nutrients straight into the bloodstream can be the most promising choice to assure that the body is nourished enough. This is the main objective of IV nutritional therapy.

The Benefit of IV Vitamins

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Why Choose Myerlee Pharmacy?

Myerlee Pharmacy has benefited physicians and clients since 1991. Our enterprise is a well-respected leader in the pharmaceutical compounding industry. Our on-site sterile compounding pharmacy is the foremost drugstore in Lee County. We have a sterile license from the State Board of Pharmacy. Our ISO Class 7 cleanroom meets USP 797 guidelines.

We deliver high-quality, cost-effective, customized compounded drug formulations of medications that are not obtainable from a pharmaceutical manufacturer. We produce comprehensive special compounded medications appropriate for every client after having obtained a prescription from the physician.

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