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Pain Management Options in Fort Myers

No pain, no gain! But, that doesn’t have to be true all the time. Some of us have little pain tolerance especially when we are not in good condition. “No pain is the same” as they say.

So, effectively treating pain must also be unique to the individual experiencing it. May it be a simple headache, backache, stomach ache, knee pain, etc., each pain is different. The most effective medicinal treatment plans for pain will consider a person’s type of pain (whether it is acute or chronic), the reason for the pain, and the medical history of that individual.

Pain is complex, so there are many treatment options — medications, therapies, and mind-body techniques. The most common pain treatments include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) and opioid analgesics. By combining various agents that utilize different mechanisms to alter the sensation of pain, physicians have found that smaller concentrations of each medication can be used.

Let’s discuss some of the means and ways to administer pain medication.

  • Oral Pain Medicine – Delivery methods include capsules, dissolvable troches, Lolli-pops & liquids. This helps release the medication within the bloodstream for proper absorption.
  • Topical Pain Medicine – Delivered through creams, lotions, sprays, drops or patches; and are applied topically to the skin. Topical pain medications have the best relief without side effects. Most popularly, this kind of pain medicine is used for skin problems.
  • Rectal – suppositories and other dosage forms may be preferable when patients are nauseated or vomiting, or when the patient is not permitted oral intake. Once it’s inside, it melts or dissolves and releases its medication.
  • Nasal sprays and drops – When you’re all stuffed up from a cold, you can get fast relief from a nasal spray. This promotes rapid absorption and clear up the blockage inside your stuffed nose. Some examples would be decongestants, salt-water solutions, and steroid nasal sprays.

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