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Sterile Compounding vs Non-Sterile Compounding

Compounding medications is an important responsibility of a pharmacist. Pharmacists follow a method of compounding medications for both sterile and non-sterile techniques. Let’s try to differentiate sterile and non-sterile compounding.

Sterile compounding aims to create a medication in a virus and bacteria-free environment. It aims to eliminate the risks of potentially infectious microorganisms to contaminate the medications. This type of compounding is used for medications that will be administered either through an IV, injection or directly into the eyes. Administering medications through these routes all have a very high risk of causing infection, and using sterile compounding techniques will help to significantly reduce the risk of infection.

Non-sterile compounding involves creating a medication in a clean environment but does not require the environment to be completely free from all microorganisms. This type of compounding is used for medications that will be taken orally, such as pills and liquids that are swallowed by the patient. It is also used for medications that are administered topically, such as ointments that are rubbed onto the skin. These medications that are taken orally have a much lower risk of causing infections compared to the medications injected into the body. That’s why these medications do not need to be compounded using sterile techniques.

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Injectables, as well as some other compounded medications, must be sterile, have limited endotoxins and must meet labeled potency. Particularly with injectable medication, if the medicine does not meet these specifications, usage may lead to infections and other more severe complications.

To prevent this risk, our highly-trained pharmacy staff works in our specially designed facility with state-of-the-art sterile equipment, quality assurance program, and adheres to policies and procedures. At Myerlee Pharmacy, we exceed these standards to provide the best and safest medication to our customers. Myerlee Pharmacy has the experience and expertise in compounding sterile products that you can rely on. Contact Myerlee Pharmacy for your sterile and non-sterile compounding needs today! Call 239-271-2588 for your prescription transfer!