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Sterile Compounding: Why Is It Important?

There are specific mandates that a pharmacy must be able to offer. One of these is compounding medications which are done by a licensed pharmacist. There are different steps that involve compounding medications. Compounding involves the creation of medications by adding, mixing, altering, or removing various ingredients of a drug or drugs. One of these kinds of compounding is sterile compounding.

What is sterile compounding?

Sterile compounding involves the different steps of creating a medication that is absent of bacteria, viruses, or any other potentially infectious microorganisms. Sterile compounding is specific for medications that need to be administered through injection, IV, or directly into the eyes. There is a very high risk of causing the infection through medications that need to be administered through these routes. Thus, there is a need to perform sterile compounding techniques that will achieve a significant decrease in these potential risks.

Sterile compounding techniques and procedures

There are various processes that followed during sterile compounding to make sure that there is no contamination of the medication with infectious microorganisms. These include:

Use of PPE. The use of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as goggles, gloves, masks, and hair coverings, is a crucial step in sterile compounding, especially in Fort Myers sterile compounding pharmacies.

Use of a compounding hood. The use of a compounding hood prevents the undesired entry of potentially infectious microorganisms in a work area. This is utilized in Pharmacy Sterile Compounding Fort Myers.

Sterilize all equipment. There are different glassware and equipment in sterile compounding. These include spatulas, syringes, flasks, beakers and an autoclave, which is used to sterilize equipment at very high temperatures. This is also used in Sterile Compounding pharmacies Fort Myers FL.

Treatment of compounding surfaces. An oxidizing material is used to deactivate compounding surfaces. These areas are also cleaned and disinfected with germicidal material. This is done in Sterile Compounding Pharmacy Fort Myers.

Importance of Sterile Compounding

The importance of sterile compounding is related to its uses. Sterile compounding is performed when a physician and/or pharmacist recommends a compounded drug. This happens when there is only one method that a patient can receive the required medication, or when a patient requests a different method of administration.

Sterile compounding is important because a compounding drug offers an alternative mode of delivery that works well with a particular patient. Elderly adults and young children finding it difficult to swallow pills. Thus, a compounding pharmacist in Sterile Compounding Pharmacy Lee County might provide the same drug in liquid form when it is commercially available in pill form.

In addition, there are patients who have problems with their digestive systems that do not allow them to take oral medications. A compounding pharmacist usually provides the drug as a transdermal or suppository gel.

Sterile compounding has varied uses that make it important in the goal of health which is to provide for the best healthcare solution.

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