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We exceed standards to provide the best and the safest medication to our customers.

Sterile Compounding

Great Reputation throughout Southwest Florida

At Myerlee Pharmacy, we have an established reputation with doctors and patients in Southwest Florida for our state-of-the-art compounding practices. Our pharmacy offers sterile compounded injectable medicationsoral medicationssublingual medicationstopical medications, and suppositories – to list a few.

Injectables, as well as some other compounded medications, must be sterile, have limited endotoxins and must meet labeled potency. Particularly with injectable medication, if the medicine does not meet these specifications, usage may lead to infections and other more severe complications.

To prevent this risk, our highly-trained pharmacy staff works in our specially designed facility with state-of-the-art sterile equipment, quality assurance program, and adheres to policies and procedures. At Myerlee Pharmacy, we exceed these standards to provide the best and safest medication to our customers. Myerlee Pharmacy has the experience and expertise in compounding sterile products that you can rely on:

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