Trimix Penile Injections

Erectile Dysfunction can affect men of all different ages, as well as men with certain health issues which may also lead to erectile dysfunction. It is important for you to receive the proper diagnosis and have a treatment plan in place with your doctor.

Myerlee Pharmacy produces multiple strengths for sterile penile injections. All injections are compounded in-house, in our certified ISO 7 sterile clean room & we also have a potency testing program in place to ensure each compound is accurate.

Myerlee Pharmacy commonly produces these sterile injections in-house for erectile dysfunction:

  • Tri-Mix: Papaverine + Phentolamine + Alprostadil
  • Bi-Mix: Papaverine + Phentolamine
  • Quad- Mix: Papaverine + Alprostadil + Phentolamine + Atropine

The team at Myerlee Pharmacy offer great support and advice for your prescription needs in your treatment.  You can reach us by phone at 239-482-3022 or contact us with your erectile dysfunction questions.