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Myerlee Pharmacy’s main objective is to provide physicians & other health experts with some resources they may need to help their patients acquire & maintain their ideal body weight.

Weight loss treatments should be taken seriously before considering using medications to assist. Your doctor will evaluate very carefully some very important details.

As with any medication, there are side effects which should be explained to you by your physician. He or she will determine if a successful outcome outweighs the side effects. You may also be monitored with regular visits to track the progress of your weight loss.

The team at Myerlee Pharmacy offers great support and advice for your prescription needs in your treatment of weight loss.  You can reach us by phone at 239-482-3022 or contact us with your weight loss questions.

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Start your journey toward better health today. Schedule your consultation with one of our pharmacists and take the first step towards effective management of your health.

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