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What Compounded Suppositories Treat and How to Use Them in Fort Myers, FL

Our body has a systemic way of flushing out toxins and unnecessary residues to maintain balance in our health.

To promote good health, we must have fully functioning body organs especially organs responsible for taking out wastes in the body, these systems in our body, (Urinary and Digestive Systems)  are more likely prone to a lot of infection when untreated.

Administration of medicines has different applications, it can be taken orally, inhalation, nasal or optic, intra-dermal or dermal administration, and the main function of each route of administration is to make sure that the medication will be absorbed faster to the affected area.

One of the effective routes are suppositories. The suppository is one type of medication administered rectally and vaginally. Suppositories are highly beneficial to treat hemorrhoids and vaginal infections. And as well as used to pass out food residues in the body to make sure that the digestive tract is clean before performing a medical procedure.

A suppository is a solid molded medication that is inserted through rectum and vagina. These medications are more likely to be safer than oral medications because it bypasses the liver metabolism, introduces the medications without hurting the gastrointestinal cavity and prevents gastrointestinal sensitivity, it can also be taken by a person with severe vomiting problems, the person with issues taking solid medications and unconscious patients.

Every individual is unique, the amount of dosage must be met. It is highly recommended to take compounded medicines from compounded pharmacies because patients receive the exact amount of dosage of medication used to treat diseases. It avoids the error of cutting tablets for under dosage or overdosage that can cause several adverse reactions to the body, that instead of treating it may bring, it adds up to the injury in the body.

For over 28 years, Myerlee Pharmacy has set high standards in compounding medication in Fort Myers and Cape Coral Florida. We make sure that compounding medication is the best option than that of producing medications ready for the market because we believe that every individual is unique, and these compounded suppositories are the best response to the needs of the patients because they receive the exact amount of dosage needed by their body without creating unnecessary adverse reactions.

Unlike any other compounding pharmacy in the industry, we ensure that the quality of our medicines is sterile and cost-effective medication in the market. We ensure the medicines produced are sterile, and we are the only pharmacy in Lee County that has a sterile license from the State Board of Pharmacy. We customize drug formulation that is not available in other manufacturers that exist today.

We care about you and your health! Myerlee Pharmacy as the best compounding pharmacy in Bonita Springs offers sterile and non-sterile compounded medications for all your health needs and issues. We produce complex unique compounded medications that fit every individual customer’s needs after having received a prescription from your physician.

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