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Why Choose Myerlee Pharmacy to Formulate the Right Custom Blend of Medication For Your Skin?

Each person is as unique as his or her own skin. The skin covers the body from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. Each part of the body has a different skin composition. They have different levels of moisture and sensitivities. With the differences in the skin all over the body, it can be said that each person has a different skin from others. Thus, physicians and compounding pharmacists prescribe custom made medications that allow the formulation of medications that will meet the specific needs of each individual.

Myerlee Pharmacy affirms the uniqueness of the skin as each individual differs from another. The skin loses its natural elasticity due to aging when the skin is exposed to the sun, poor nutrition, stress, and environmental irritants. It is impossible to go against time when it comes to skin aging. Thus, there are many innovative cosmeceutical products that can help with rejuvenating aging skin. Here are the reasons why a person should choose Myerlee Pharmacy to formulate the right custom blend of medication of the skin:

1. Myerlee pharmacists collaboration.

Pharmacists from Myerlee collaborate with the patient and with his or her dermatologist to formulate the right custom blend of medication for the skin. Myerlee products include dermatology compounds are made for Skin Cancer (5-FU Products), Anti-Aging Cream, Wart Removal, Fungus, Rosacea, Psoriasis/Eczema, Acne, Facial peels, Hair loss, Radiation Burns, Shingles. Amongst many other skin conditions.

2. Myerlee produces compounded dermatology products.

A compounded dermatological treatment is specific for a person’s skin profile. Through the expertise of the dermatology compounding pharmacy in Fort Myerscompounding provides an alternate medication to mass-produced skincare brands. These products are compounded with specific ingredients by taking into consideration different factors such as allergies, sensitivities to medication, age, race, and sex.

3. Myerlee Pharmacy patients have a positive response to personalized treatments.

Pharmacists in compounding pharmacy in Fort Myers offers customized medications through compounded dermatology that prevents, reverses, and treats certain disease states. Pharmacists provide suggestions that specifically reduce the side effects or eliminates the adverse reactions by removing unnecessary ingredients and adding those that are needed. Pharmacists of dermatology pharmacy Fort Myers formulate medications that are safe and effective and has been researched in different parts of the world. Moreover, there is a certified sterile lab that exceeds USP regulations in formulating medications that are used in the eye or skin in response to the needs of the patient and based on the prescription of the physician.

The importance of proper skin care cannot be undermined. Through the help of a proper dermatology compounding pharmacy such as Myerlee Pharmacy, the objectives of obtaining proper skincare through personalized medications will be achieved. Myerlee Pharmacy offers a personalized skincare treatment and medications that will suit the needs of each person.

If you need a formulation for your skin, you can contact us. We care about you and your health! Myerlee Pharmacy offers dermatology compounds for your skin. Contact our Fort Myers office at 239-482-3022 or visit our website at

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