Holistic Anti-Aging Total Therapy

Holistic Anti-Aging Total Therapy

in Fort Myers, Florida

With a a customized total health program from Myerlee Pharmacy,  Anti-Aging is a no brainer.  With an individualized custom appointment consultation with our PA we will design an anti aging program that is a combination of services and processes that fit you the individual.

With the new approach of integrative medicine, a primary goal of Myerlee Pharmacy Total Health is to provide our patients with a broader understanding of health and a more lasting sense of well-being. Instead of the traditional disease-centered focus of some conventional medicine, we apply a patient-centered approach that addresses YOU the whole person rather than simply ‘band-aiding’ the symptoms.

Myerlee Pharmacy offers Anti Aging Total Health Therapy. We combine intravenous nutrition, cosmetic rejuvenation, hormonal balancing, psychoneuroimmunology, anti-aging medicine, and more. Call us at 239-482-3022 for more information.


We combine the disciplines of modern science with the knowledge of several protocols including intravenous nutrition, cosmetic rejuvenations, hormonal balancing, psychoneuroimmunology, anti-aging medicine and more. What this means is that you, the patient and we, the health care provider, work together to develop an integrative diagnostic and therapeutic plan that will best address the whole person which is YOU the patient. You probably are wondering what is functional medicine, a huge buzz word in the health world? We are functional medicine, because we get to the ROOT of your health issues.

Signs / Disadvantages of Aging

If you are experiencing any of these signs and symptoms, you may be encountering accelerated aging and could benefit from a targeted treatment plan to ensure you age well, and slowly:

Benefits of Anti-Aging Total Health Therapy

Tightens the Skin

The manifestations of aging include extreme skin dryness which means losing firmness and elasticity. Having a consistent anti-aging total health therapy can address this issue since it will help lift the sagging skin around the eyes, cheek, and neck area.

Promotes Hydration

Our anti-aging total health therapy can also stimulate hydrating properties that could reduce your anxieties concerning apparent flakings on the skin.

Achieves Radiant Skin

Our total health therapy for anti-aging downsizes those obvious fine lines and wrinkles. Without intervention, the skin appears to be older and will probably lose its radiance and will obscure the face with visible signs as you age through the years.

Boosts Self-Confidence

An anti-aging total healthy therapy does not only benefit the outward impression but also one’s internal self. One of the motivations clients opt for the therapy is to have self-confidence and it is our job to help you get over your insecurities and help you look younger.

Affects the Health Positively

Undergoing our anti-aging total healthy therapy will also benefit you mentally and psychologically. And having peace of mind will probably lead to living a wholesome physical lifestyle that is never too difficult to achieve with us.

Most Respected Leader in the Pharmaceutical Compounding Industry

For decades now, Myerlee Pharmacy has been performing upright with its loyal clients in the pharmaceutical compounding industry. We have an established sterile compounding pharmacy and foremost drugstore established in Lee County. Since we have a sterile license from the State Board of Pharmacy, we are a company that ensures to heed the guidelines by the USP 797.

It is our job and passion to serve you with professional and competent service that stands out among other pharmaceutical companies. We yield thorough and exceptional compounded medications that suit every client following a prescription from the physician.

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